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5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace Environment

Warning! Toxic Workplace Environment You may wonder if your workplace is unhealthy or toxic or if it’s just you not being able to deal. “I don’t have any time to spend with my patients. I throw meds at them and every day just pray I don’t make a mistake today. I’ve been crying almost every night and I’m so anxious before I come to work. I never know if I’ll get floated and I’m terrified to go to ICU. People call in sick all the time. The manager’s nice, but she lets the charge nurses run the floor and  every charge nurse has different rules.” Here are 5 indicators of unhealthy practice environments. Poor Work Organization There’s a chronic lack of supplies. Staff hoard supplies and if you don’t know where the pulse oximeter is and where any extra pillows are hidden, you’re out of luck. There’s little support from supervisors, who have an “that’s the way it always is around here” attitude. The left hand never seems to know what the right hand is doing. You talk to one pharmacist who tells you it’s OK to run an Amiodarone drip on Tele, and another pharmacist who says it’s not. Substandard Care Soiled linen is covered with Chux. Patients on bedrest are not turned. Vital signs may or may not be accurate. IV tubings may or may not be changed. Staff feel forced to falsify information because the emphasis is on defensive charting and […]
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Author: Beth Hawkes