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Too Many New Nurses in Hospitals

Too Many New Nurses in Hospitals New nurses are truly a joy and bring fresh energy to a nursing unit. But when the ratio of new nurses to experienced nurses increases sharply, it’s too much of a good thing. Too many new nurses in hospitals is becoming the norm. Ashley was working night shift on Step Down Unit on a holiday eve, and looked around during huddle. She was surrounded by other new nurses. Ashley herself had graduated only 9 months before and been on her own for 5 months. The charge nurse, Yvonne, had been a nurse for just over two years.   That night Ashley was assigned six patients, one of them a post-op patient with a slightly elevated heart rate at 112 and a sub normal temp. Neither of these alarmed Ashley, who had never seen a septic patient and did not recognize the early warning signs. A sub normal temp and a heart rate of 112 were not as concerning to her as passing her meds on time and documenting. Later on in the early morning hours, after an emergency rapid response was called on Ashley’s post-op patient, Yvonne, the charge nurse, said “Why didn’t you call […]
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